Will Senn

Will Senn is the founder of Urbn Leaf and one of the legal cannabis industry’s earliest entrepreneurs. Over the past 14 years, he successfully built eight early-stage medical cannabis businesses. His focus project, Urbn Leaf, is regarded as one of the most successful cannabis retail brands in California.

Will has also been instrumental in the creation of several highly successful cannabis trade associations. He is a founding board member of the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC), whose sole focus is federal cannabis reform. He is the Founder of the United Medical Marijuana Association (UMMC), the legal cannabis industry 501c6 non-profit trade organization representing the licensed and permitted cannabis businesses in the City of San Diego. In 2010, he co-founded the Patient Care Association, one of the first medical marijuana industry associations in the country. He was also a founding member of the Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access, the trade group instrumental in developing the current San Diego City Medical Marijuana Ordinance. Will is also Founder of Citizens for Patient’s Rights, the political action committee responsible for cutting-edge change in marijuana policy for San Diego County.

Will is an industry leader and an expert in the regulatory and political aspects of cannabis business development. He attended San Diego State University, with an emphasis in business. Originally from the Bay Area, he has lived in San Diego, California since 2003.